Right – this is your opportunity to shine and demonstrate how well you match not only the brief but will complement and add value to the existing team. Again we won’t insult your intelligence by offering very basic tips but a few reminders;

  • Remember you are on show from the moment you step through the reception door and the greeter may well be asked for their initial impression of you.
  • Dress to impress!  Unless advised otherwise, wear a smart outfit in which you feel comfortable and confident. Shine those shoes and reserve the urge to stand out by wearing garish socks and ties.
  • Be positive and let your personality shine through. Easier said than done but relax, use positive body language and be mindful of any personal habits such as fiddling with your pen and avoiding eye contact.
  • When asked questions, take your time to construct relevant answers that best demonstrate your suitability for the role – a slight silence is better than waffling.
  • Ensure that your replies are constructive and if confronted with a ‘negative’ question such as: ‘What are your weaknesses?’ turn your response into a positive.
  • At the end of the interview don’t be afraid to ask how you have compared with other candidates and seek clarification of the next stages of the selection process.