Congratulations if you’re reading this as it means you’ve reached interview stage. Here are a few hints and tips to aid in the lead up to the interview. There is a common theme – plan and prepare.

  • Plan your journey – if travelling by car don’t rely solely on your Sat Nav to ensure you reach your destination on time and check out where you can park. Carry out a ‘trial run’ remembering that peak periods can vary the journey time enormously.
  • Prepare by looking at the company’s website, and familiarising yourself with what they do, goals, turnover, and how they compare with their competitors. If appropriate call beforehand and ask for company literature to be emailed or posted – this will demonstrate your initiative and give you a feel for their level of customer service.
  • Prepare a number of intelligent questions for the interviewer such as ‘If I’m successful, what do you think will be my biggest challenge in the first 30 – 90 days?’ ‘What is your staff retention?’ ‘What are the expansion plans for the company?’ ‘What would staff say they most enjoy about working for the business?’
  • Take sufficient copies of your CV to hand out and, if appropriate, compile a summary sheet of your relevant career highlights to leave with them. Demonstrate unequivocally that your skill set and experience match the brief.
  • You may well be asked some of the standard non technical questions such as ‘What are your strengths and how are you rectifying your weaknesses?’ There’s no harm in practising your responses so that they flow on the day.
  • Find out who will be conducting the interview (is it more than one person?) and their position(s) within the organisation.