CV Tips

As a business professional we wouldn’t dream of insulting your intelligence by suggesting the bare basics. Clearly there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ solution but here are a few hints and tips to ponder when compiling your CV.

  • Where possible tailor your CV to focus on your most relevant job roles, and highlight those career successes most appropriate to the vacancy.
  • Stand out from the masses – this is your opportunity to shine. Use bullet points to focus attention and bold to highlight key buzzwords.
  • Start sentences with positive descriptive words such as ‘led’, ‘implemented,’ ‘achieved,’ and ‘initiated.’ Employers want to clearly see where or how you have added value.
  • Focus on your ‘outcomes’ i.e. what you have achieved and delivered and demonstrate initiative where relevant.
  • Poor spelling is one of the quickest ways of getting rejected during the initial sift. Don’t rely on spell checker 100%. It won’t pick up the differences in ‘their’ and ‘there’, ‘hear’ and ‘here’ so get a friend to cast their eye over it too. Read, read and re read your CV.
  • Aim for two sides of A4 and ensure that it is clearly laid out, concise, positive and honest – after all it should sell you and increase your chances of being moved to the ‘yes’ rather than hovering over the ‘maybe’ or worse still ‘no’ tray.